Some Other Important Trends In Kitchen Furniture

  • Eco-chic details

In addition to increasingly biological materials and systems, aimed at reducing emissions of polluting gases and creating healthier domestic environments, we find increasingly technological appliances. The goal of 2018 in kitchens is to reduce energy and water consumption in these rooms and create spaces that are more respectful of the environment. In fact, in the kitchen, we will see more and more green details and small orchards.

  • Bar counter

The presence of a ‘bar-type’ bar with high stools has already begun to be seen in recent years but will be consolidated for domestic spaces in 2018.

Kitchens no longer serve only for the preparation of food but are increasingly a social space, a place for life experiences in our own home, real protagonist spaces of a modern house.

  • Suspended lamps

Of course and as usual, the 2018 trends for kitchens do not neglect any accessory, much less those associated with lighting, which attaches vital importance. The lamps suspended, in fact, are among the most recommended by professionals to improve a kitchen and give a more modern air element. Of course, they must be carefully chosen according to the style of the kitchen furniture.

  • Furniture with the latest technology

In 2018, the technology related to the internet of things that have been talked about so much for its application in homes can finally take off. We will witness a wave of household appliances with new features and furniture with the latest technology for an increasingly bright and connected kitchen. We not only talk about home automation systems but also smart appliances and furniture.